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A multimedia developer has knowledge and skills across a wide variety of areas in relation to the design and development of multimedia products. Multimedia refers to information that is presented using a variety of techniques such as sound, vision, and animation, very often multimedia presentations are also interactive, meaning that the user can interact or manipulate the information to some extent. A multimedia developer designs, creates, manipulates, and tailors graphics, images, sound, animation, video, and text to create integrated multimedia programs. A multimedia developer is able to combine design skills with technical knowledge of digital products and websites.

The multimedia developer is required to be able to design the overall picture of the game or website, create and manipulate the graphics, add sound and then edit the sound and graphics so the end product makes sense. Editing is a major skill of a multimedia developer as editing ensures that the end product is marketable.

A multimedia developer works closely with clients to ensure that they have a full understanding of what the client wants in the end product. Multimedia developers advise clients of what is technically possible and will make recommendations for changes to the product. They will also need to collaborate with other KORSGY staff to ensure all members of the team are working towards the same end result.

Job Category: Branding Marketing
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Tunis-Tunisia

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